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Hi guys... just a little space for us to post erotic stories... whether they be true, or totally made up. Be as dirty as you want... or keep it as tame as you want. It's up to you.

There is but one rule: Be nice!. No flaming and no rude comments. Try to keep this a positive space where we can enjoy our sexuality.

And if you know how to use the lj-cut tag, feel free to use that to shorten your entries. (It also cuts down the loading time on the page.)

Post as often as you want, as long as they are stories. This is not a space where you recount your daily life. (Unless you have naughty sex every day like some of us...)

Have fun.

Thanks to discostar for the swanky icons. :)

Disclaimer: The contents herein do not necessarily reflect my personal beliefs or opinions. Do not read or join if your illegal in your state or country. Read at your own risk.

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