Roman Godfrey (romanhgodfrey) wrote in gayrotica,
Roman Godfrey

In The Shower

Author: Roman H Godfrey
Title: In The Shower
Characters: Roman Godfrey/Peter Rumancek
Synopsis: This is my version of the events that occurred after Roman and Peter fled the cemetery the night they dug up Lisa Willoughby's body. The boys were filthy from digging in the cemetery and all they could think of was taking a shower to get clean.
Rating: NC17
Warnings: slash, AU, teenagers, frottage, masturbation
Disclaimer: I don't own Hemlock Grove and I don't get paid to write fan fiction.
Complete?: If you want more, I'll write more.

When Peter and Roman got back to the guest house at the Godfrey estate, all they could think about was grabbing a shower and washing away the dirt and stench of the cemetery.
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