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The Golden Bird, Chapter 4

The Golden Bird: Chapter 4

Rating: NC-17

Story Name: The Golden Bird

Word Count: about 2,000 this chapter

Configuration: M/m

Plot: During the reign of a corrupt king, two old friends meet again one night in an upscale brothel. One is a pleasure-slave; the other, reluctant heir to the Emperor's advisor. They find themselves trapped in a dangerous game of power and politics that will test their allegiances to both the coming revolution and to each other.

Warnings: In this chapter: Astonishingly enough, none. Persistent themes of institutionalized slavery, forced prostitution, dub-con and past abuse, most of it underaged. Consider yourself warned.

Feedback: Look up the word ‘amateur’ in the dictionary and my picture will be there, scratching its head and looking bemused. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 2 Part II |Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

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