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The Golden Bird Chapter 2 Part II and Chapter 3

The Golden Bird: Chapter 3

Rating: NC-17 for potentially disturbing material

Story Name: The Golden Bird

Word Count: about 3,000 this chapter

Configuration: M/m

Plot: During the reign of a corrupt king, two old friends meet again one night in an upscale brothel. One is a pleasure-slave; the other, reluctant heir to the Emperor's advisor. They find themselves trapped in a dangerous game of power and politics that will test their allegiances to both the coming revolution and to each other.

Warnings: In this chapter: dub-con. Persistent themes of institutionalized slavery, forced prostitution, dub-con and flashbacks to past abuse, most of it underaged. Consider yourself warned.

Feedback: Look up the word ‘amateur’ in the dictionary and my picture will be there, scratching its head and looking bemused. Constructive criticism is welcome.
Ethical Disclaimer: I DO NOT (bold, italicized, and underlined, no less) endorse rape, pedophilia, underage prostitution, child abuse, slavery, incest, torture, or violent anarchist revolution, and my fiction is not meant to sanction, support, promote, encourage, or in any way condone these themes, which should under no circumstances be practiced in the real world (except potentially that last one). By reading this story you are agreeing that after having read the clearly stated warnings you are emotionally capable of handling such material, and cede any and all right to comment with “omg slavefic iz soooo wrong!!! ur sikk!!!!!” or anything else that displays blatant stupidity and/or exploitation of the exclamation point. Thank you and good day.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Part II

Chapter 3

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